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Artist Pat Burns
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Creatures: Great and Small
Pat Burns Show Starts April 6th - 28th
Pat's artwork has been collected over much of the US.  The internet has made it possible to spread into Europe and Australia.  She started out with multiple local awards in high school in her home state of Georgia, garnering a Governor's Honors live-in program one summer at Wesleyan College, then entering Berry College on a full-tuition scholarship in art. 
"I took time to raise a family and be active in my husband's business while continuing to learn through occasional workshops, through artist peer groups and by amassing a huge art library." Moving over twenty-five times, she still managed to get artwork into the public eye.   Now that the children are grown and she has retired from the family business, the last four years have been spent full time on her passion with a backlog of ideas and images flowing into existence.
 Not only does Pat paint in acrylics and oils, she also enjoys sculpting in wire and concrete... "a hold-over from being involved for so many years in the construction industry".  
Probably the most unique art form in Pat's portfolio is her 'Spirits in Stone' series.  She picks unaltered stones for their shape, texture and reliefs, and then reveals in paint what she sees.  "They begged to be touched in order to fully appreciate them... which I encourage folks to do."
Since 2010, Pat has seen her work shift from shows, competitions and multiple galleries to more commission work.  “It’s very rewarding to create special works of art for individuals and corporations, but it does leave less time to supply galleries with other pieces.”  Pat welcomes inquiries for commissions, especially portraits of people and animals. 
Pat DeVane Burns

Forsyth, GA



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