Generations Gallery

May 24th Plein Air Competition

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Generations Gallery at Indian Springs 1825 Hwy 42 South, Flovilla GA 30216



Generations Gallery at The Historic Village at Indian Springs at 1825 Hwy 42 South,  Flovilla  GA 30216 

Please print and fill out this form. Mail with your check to the gallery's business office :  GALLERY, 282 Fox Rd, Griffin GA 30224. Make checks payable to Generations Gallery. Credit cards may be accepted by phone or, if you prefer,  transacted at the Gallery (on Fridays and Saturdays only ) at 1825 Highway 42 South, Flovilla GA 30216 - six miles south of Jackson, GA on Hwy 42 South. Take EXIT 201 Highway 36 East from I-75; just follow the signs. You are invited to visit The Village at Indian Springs area to preview the many wonderful visual interests before the day of competition..

Artists' Name_______________________________________________

Street Address_______________________________________________




Entry Fees:  $20.00


Only those works which have been previously been stamped as blank by the Gallery during registration hours on Saturday will be accepted for competition. Stamping begins at 8:00 AM and continues until 1:00 PM that day. Registration will take place on the outdoor portico at Generations Gallery, 1825 Hwy 42 South, Flovilla, GA 30216. To reach us by phone the day of the event, please use our cell phone 678-588-1911 or use the phone at the Gallery 770-775-7916 on Saturday.

Pieces are to be returned to the Gallery by 3:00 PM for framing, hanging and  judging. Artists will supply their own frames,  materials and supplies. An indoor work area for framing your work will be provided that day at the Gallery.

The work must be completed at an outdoor location and not from a photograph. Participating artists must paint within the city limits of  Flovilla, Georgia and preferably within The Village at Indian Springs, the areas defined by Indian Springs State Park and the Indian Spring Hotel and Museum Gardens ( Visitors brochure / map to be provided at registration.) 

All works accepted - from the novice to the professional. Artists under the age of 18 must have permission from a guardian and pay a full entry fee to participate. 

Works shown at the Reception can be labeled for sale at the artist's discretion at a price determined by the artist. A 30% commission will be retained by Generations Gallery to defray expenses. Participating artists are invited to leave work for sale at the gallery ON CONSIGNMENT under separate agreement. Any works left behind after the event will be considered abandoned and  the Gallery will assume ownership.

By entering, the Artist agrees to hold Generations Gallery, Plein Air GA Artists, their representatives and exhibition handlers and The Village at Indian Springs, harmless for any liability during the event, hanging process or exhibition. All reasonable care will be taken to ensure the safety of the work.

There will be a Reception and Awards Presentation just prior to the ART SHOW AND SALE at the Gallery. You are invited to promote this public reception, post the event on your website, and  invite your collectors to attend the event.

Breakfast and Lunch are on your own. Picnic at tables throughout the gardens. A refrigerator, restrooms, covered portico, tables and chairs are to be found at the Gallery for your use. The Big Chief Country Store is open for food, picnic supplies, water, coffee and drinks. A few emergency art supplies are available at the gallery, but participants must come fully prepared for the day's work out of doors..


Agreed to by The Artist on the ___________ day of_____________, 2013.

Your Signature_______________________________________________

Please Print your name_________________________________________

Amount paid  $______________Check No.________________________

Type of credit card_________________________________exp date_____


Rec'd by______________ Date _________ Time____________________


Why not make it a weekend? Vintage Rental Cottages surround the Gallery. You'll find Jacuzzi baths, 1000 count sheets, peaceful outdoor patios - a great place to paint. For reservations on-line and more details, please call 770-775-5350 or go to